photo by Shawheen Keyani

Emily Meehan is an artist of many mediums. Originally from Napa, California and currently living in Sydney, Australia, Meehan's work is driven by spiritual and therapeutic motives and centers around themes of chaos//control, masculine//feminine, visible//hidden, and valuable//worthless. Her "radioactive", kinesthetic brushstroke reflects a lifetime of involvement in the athletics & performance sports.


Meehan calls her pop-contemporary style visions "Radvertisements"© as they employ the same  fluorescent hues found in most 80s surf fashions and modern day advertising. These Radvertisements are executed in the forms of sculpture, painting, film, fashion & photography.  She is best known & celebrated for her realistic portraiture, aggressively colorful abstractions, and for her cartoon-like character: "The Pile"© - a plump, neck-less androgynous creature that wears high heels & a tight thong and is forever lazily pouring liquid into its donut-shaped mouth. The Pile is a metaphor for the phenomenons of excess consumption and for the disease of addiction.