Emily "rad" Meehan is a professional female artist of many mediums. Originally from California and currently stationed in Sydney, Australia - "FUN" is the ultimate goal of her work.

Meehan's visions come to life in a pop-contemporary genre she calls "Radvertising"©: a bright and tight style that employs predominantly fluorescent pigments and is executed in the forms of: 


painting/mural design

fashion design


art direction


film photography


She is best known & celebrated for her realistic portraiture, furiously colorful abstractions, and for her cartoon-like character: "The Pile"© - a plump, neck-less androgynous creature that wears high heels & a g-banger; forever lazily pouring liquid into its donut-shaped mouth.  Meehan's work is spiritual and therapeutic  in nature, the goal being to marry opposing forces of chaos//control, masculine//feminine, visible//hidden, and valuable//worthless. Her "radioactive", kinesthetic brushstroke reflects a lifetime of involvement in the athletics & performance sports.