RadioActiveDaywear aka RAD.

A fine fluorescent fashion statement born and bred in Santa Cruz, California. Each outfit///swimsuit depicted is handmade by Meehan, one of a kind, and is accompanied by a message of female strength and empowerment, industriousness and resourcefulness. 80% of the fabrics used are second-hand and vintage and the models are not trained models, but scientists, mathematicians, athletes and friends. All photos were shot on a 35mm film Nikon FM2. All plexiglas earrings crafted by Marina Fini.

RadioActiveDaywear presents the Paradise Infinity collection.

Though it may appear as a traditional fashion line, RAD is anything but. All soul and no budget, these outfits are all one of a kind and in direct reference performance sports and arts. Creating high visibility with color and pattern for the individual's exceptional soul.

This collection is inspired by Meehan's upbringing in California, specifically her past 7 years in traveling and living up and down the coast. Its use of the term “infinity” negates the high fashion world's centering collections around certain seasons, as our West Coast doesn’t really have them. 

The term “Paradise” refers to California and its attractive nature, weather-wise, for both the homeless, and over-paid paradise seekers alike, hence the contrast in color and pattern. Much of the California population is comprised of surfers, climbers, skateboarders, cyclists, hikers, white water rafters, etc., all of whom have an insatiable thirst for travel and a mysterious abundance of time and money to do these activities around the world. This bright and tight collection of fashions is inspired by high fashion luxury and athletic-ware brands and is made by and for the active, brave, outstanding female.