RadioActiveDaywear aka RAD.

A fine fluorescent fashion statement born and bred in Santa Cruz, California. Each outfit///swimsuit depicted is an art piece of its own made by Meehan, one of a kind, and is accompanied by a message of female strength and empowerment, industriousness and resourcefulness. 80% of the fabrics used are second-hand and vintage and the models are not trained models, but scientists, mathematicians, musicians, athletes and friends. All photos were shot on a 35mm film Nikon FM2 or digitally by Catey Hager.  All plexiglas earrings crafted by Marina Fini.

Somewhere between fine art, second-hand trash, & high fashion lives RadioActiveDaywear & the Paradise Infinity collection, seen above.

Though it may appear as a traditional fashion line, RAD is anything but. All soul and very little budget, these outfits are all one of a kind and were created with performance sports and arts in mind. Realms where showing off & high visibility colors are coveted & help the radical individual be seen.